Device Simulator Solution

One Click Device Simulator is easy to use, visual step by step guide of devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Dongles, Routers, Smart devices and Wearables for customer support agents to provide an accurate and quick resolution to customer issues related to their devices.

Knowledge Management Solution

One Click KMS caters to all knowledge management needs of enterprises by breaking down the complex processes and parameters into simplified actionable decision tree steps. It empowers enterprises to establish seamless and consistent engagement between customers and employees, resulting in increased customer satisfaction with reduced handling time and operational costs.

Chat Bots Solution

One Click Chatbot – SERA is a revolutionary and versatile instant messaging service powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can help you automate a number of business processes.

Remote Care: One Click Optimizer

One Click Remote device care is a cloud based solution which enables enterprises to remotely monitor and resolve smartphone issues with minimal human intervention in a highly automated environment resulting in reduced cost and time taken in repairs and increased customer satisfaction.

Device Diagnostics Solutions

One Click Device Diagnostics solutions provides detailed real time device information on software, network and hardware components by running automated standard and customized test to identify possible issues, reduce no fault found returns and maintain the device health.

Self – Care Solution

One Click Self-Care Solution empowers your customers to resolve issues conveniently on multiple touchpoints like Web, Mobile and Social Media resulting in greater customer satisfaction and reduced number of call centre calls and chats.

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